你我都是瘾君子 因为软弱且无处可逃

There is a boy saying that I am a wen yi person, I said no. Guess I'm just that kind of person who loves to find, create and enjoy beautiful things, and according to the way I write, I am not one, indeed.
Sex is kind of all the things I have in recent life, don't start to judge, it is beautiful itself, and amazing, and if u feel wired, or u sniff it in public, I guess it is because u have no guts to admit it, which is even more wired that u enjoy it in the mean time. ( I am one, look, I'm writing in English.) 
Or u won't write those kind of things done AND u have not met the amazing one. 
Should I tell u that it's not essential in a relationship. Probably won't. Cuz it is.
I don't know, maybe it's only myself. Like I won't tell the boy if he performs not that well in bed,cuz I know, it hurts, and it hurts so bad.( probably u can go easy with the way u say it)  And I would probably go yes if he asks that if I felt good about it. This is sad, at least for me, who never wants to hurt people's feeling, especially in a direct way. (and it seems that all the boys think they are talented in bed, which I never know why) 
Still, don't go too much. Cuz it's only when u r with the person u love, it's called make-love, and with the strangers, it's only called intercourse. And people have the instinct to compare things, so.
Kind of a tricky problem.

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