你我都是瘾君子 因为软弱且无处可逃

《奥丽芙 基特里奇》    2016


Just finish the movie Olive, it’s more like a autobiography, in a third person’s eye, the leading role, Olive, she is a tough woman, mean witch, in the kids’eyes, never been easy with people, just like my mom, in some way, but she is a lot better, because my mom can do nothing, as far as I know, to this family. Well, at least she can cook now, which is a great relief to the whole family, I know, she is trying to be a good mother.
她冷漠,但并不无情,我并无意为她辩解,说服任何人她只是口无遮拦,她也不是刀子嘴豆腐心,like I said, she is tough, she is always the core in the family, the reason I guess is that she doesn’t believe anything or anyone except for herself, she looked down upon the scared people, the cowards, the girls who cannot be rational and, she hates hypocrisy, at least that is something she will never do in her life. I bet she is glad that she is not the one who is lying in bed needs to be taken care of. 
这部剧真是抑郁者的福音。记得前一段时间看过一部影评说到,一部好的电影会让你更加清晰的认识自己。This one does. 整部剧大概最喜欢的一句台词就是研究精神病的Kevin说的那句“You don’t have to stand here and talk to me.” 这真的是常常会在我脑海中蹦出的潜台词,不管是对别人还是对自己,虚情假意的问候过后是漫长的尴尬期,人们总是习惯性的说些什么,包括我自己,但脑海只有一句话,“cut that crap”. 当失足跌落悬崖的女孩子告诉Kevin自己是失足跌落并不是Kevin所期待的 she jumped herself, Kevin哭的很难过,我不知道为什么,他大概真的觉得自己是个weirdo, 或者他希望跳下去的人,是自己。大概是同病相怜的人,才真的懂对方心底的想法,It’s never gonna be ok? You don’t even believe that, do you? 记得Olive凌晨带Kevin到河边,看着他扔掉子弹和枪,才放心离开,临走前,她说,“It can never be clean.” 没说出口的是,We are the same person in this world, I know what you suffer. 而成为精神医生的Kevin之所以做这些,大概也是因为自己有一个这样的母亲吧。
It’s never easy.
But it will just end like ending, “ the world baffles me, but I don't want to leave it yet.”


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